Each year we spend millions of dollars on scented candles for our homes. It seems we are drawn to their tranquility, as there is something highly comforting about the soft glow of a flickering candle. Their aromatic scent is soothing to the mind and body, as well. Why not use those candles as part of your home décor by learning different ways to decorate with candles.  Candles can be used to create a romantic bedroom, a spa-like bathroom, or as purely decorative purposes throughout the home.

Candles can also make the room more elegant and classy.  But many people are a little worried about using candles as an accessory, because it feared and considered dangerous. Well, to minimize the threat, here are some simple tips for safe use of candles as decorative accessories in your home.

The first rule is to do surveillance. That is, candles are used for decorative accents in your home is still within reach and your supervision. Never place candles away from your control.

To maintain security, avoid putting candles that could be accessible to children.  In addition to children, consider also your pets like dogs or cats. Especially if your pet is more energetic and aggressive.

Use of silver or metal material as the container for the candle.   Use a candle snuffer to put out the flame on the candle.

Some additional decorating tips...
•Avoid scented candles at a meal. Some people have strong allergic (or just averse) reactions to scented candles, and furthermore you don't necessarily want the candles' scents interfering with the aromas of the food.

• Make sure your candles don't interfere with sight lines across the table. I usually associate this rule with flowers, but of course it's true for candles too; if your guests have to crane their necks around tall tapers to talk to one another, you might want to move those tapers over to a sideboard.

• Locate candlelight at different angles around the room. Try to do candles in other spots, not just the table; candlelight coming from different directions will add soft light throughout the room. Set up candles on your buffet or bar, in wall sconces, or along a windowsill.

• (Almost) anything can be a candle holder. Take a look through your storage and see what you can find. As long as it's not flammable, you're good to go.  Glass jars are of course always nice, and you can dress them up with a little ribbon or greenery. If you have simple glass votives or yogurt jars, you can also tuck them inside shelled-out gourds or fruits.

• Try a mirror to reflect the candlelight. Set out a collection of candles in different sizes along a mirror. This will enhance the softening, flickering effect of the candlelight.

• When in doubt, toss some tea lights on a few saucers. Tea lights are incredibly inexpensive, and they do the job for a single evening (sometimes longer). Clusters of them on pretty china or glass saucers is all you really need.

There are many wonderful websites that can give inspiration.  There are many for use to list...just "Google it" 

Here are few examples of the versatility of candles in your home decor.  Enjoy!